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Make 4 Styles Of Eye Makeup, Just One Eye Shadow Is Enough!

I believe that many beauties have this kind of trouble. Many multi-color eye shadows are amazing at first glance. After impulsively placing an order, they find that they have no way to start. In the end, their fate can only be reduced to picking ashes deep in the drawer...
In fact, most eyeshadow palettes are exquisite in color matching. As long as we have a general understanding of the basic functions of different colors, and then choose a relatively suitable one according to our current needs, we can slowly play with multi-color eyeshadow palettes!

Today, I will introduce you the following eyeshadow palette.


Falling Sun Glow Eyeshadow Palette


This time we used the 35-color eyeshadow palette that was popular before. When it was launched, it was just in time for the autumn and winter seasons. This palette is atmospheric enough and also very practical, so it has received a lot of praise. Don’t look at anything else, just say that there are 35 colors in this set, which can draw a lot of makeup, and the price is really high. Moreover, the quality can be said to be one of the best, and the speed of updating is also jaw-dropping, no wonder then Popular now.

NO.1   Outer Packaging


This kind of large multi-color eyeshadow palette is basically a cardboard outer packaging. Although it is a paper material, it has a certain weight, and the illustration on the surface has a design with raised lines, which is quite textured in the hand. Not cheap at all.

NO.2   Color Matching


This palette of colors is bold, and it can not only draw cool bungee makeup, but also daily commuting makeup, romantic dating makeup, and vitality picnic makeup. It is very practical.Especially the few low-saturation greens in it are the finishing touches of the whole game.It is not exaggerated at all after applying the eyes, and it will not be dirty or swollen, but it will make the eye makeup more unique and brilliant~

NO.3   Texture


The texture of this plate is very diverse, including 20 matte,12 pearl,2 green onion powder,1 matte with fine glitter. The overall silty quality is quite delicate, and the color rendering and extensibility are at the upper-medium level.

NO.4   Upper Eye Effect


NO.5   To Sum Up

First of all, when purchasing, try not to choose eyeshadow palettes that are too off-the-shelf or have irregular color combinations. We can pick a plate with a uniform overall tone and occasionally mixed with 2 to 3 unique colors.


After getting it, roughly determine the basic function of each color. For example, some low-saturation colors are suitable as base colors, and some glitter colors are suitable for brightening and so on.


If you are unfamiliar with color matching, start with gradual eye makeup from neighboring colors. After you slowly figure out the pattern, try more fresh color combinations.

Post time: May-31-2021