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3 Lipsticks That Are Super Suitable For Summer, The Beauty Is Crying!

Different from the "heavy" feeling of autumn and winter, summer is almost "refreshing" to take off, and makeup is also a trend of lightness and transparency.
But no matter how transparent the makeup is, applying lipstick is still an indispensable step for many people.
In summer, people prefer some "bright and lively" colors to the rich colors.
So today I will give you Amway a few hundred yuan lipsticks suitable for summer.
Real people with different skin tones are also arranged together, now~ I wish you all a happy planting hhhhhhhh


Choose These For Summer Lipsticks


Mirror water gloss lip glaze

Fig color is a very popular color in the past two years, the color brightness is not particularly high, there is no sense of fluorescence, it is very suitable for summer!
This is a treasure of cheap fig color. A thin coat with plain makeup and light makeup can improve your complexion. The red tone of thick coat will be obvious. What I say is that it has a cool and beautiful feeling.


Although it is called mirror water gloss lip glaze, in fact the mirror feeling is not particularly high, it will form a film. The moisturizing degree is still good, and there will be no uneven application in the face of small problems such as dry lines and peeling.
The staying power is pretty good. Basically, it can be done without sticking to the cup, but a common problem arises, which is lip staining. I personally tested it several times. It's true, it's not easy to unload. Donors who care about this should be cautious in planting herbs!

On Baipi's face, this one is very intellectual and elegant. In short, you can't go wrong with your eyes closed.
On the yellow face, although not as lifted as the white face, this low-key and glamorous feeling is also very impressive!


Heroine's dull misty lips and cheek dual-use lip gloss

P26 (4)

This lip gloss is very popular now, the price is not high, the color palette is beautiful, and every time a new color is released, I can willingly pay for it.
The red plum bean is a new color released some time ago. It is a very bright bean paste color with a little rose tone inside. It will be more obvious when it is thinly coated, and the gray tone will be heavier when it is thickly coated. There will be a kind of on the mouth. The foggy feeling.


Like the previous lip gloss, the texture of the lip gloss is very good. When you put it on the mouth, there will be a squeaky feeling, and the lip lines will be directly soft-focused in one second.
The staying power is not bad, it will stain the cup a little, which is within the acceptable range.
This color is not picky at all, although it has some rose notes in it, it is still very friendly to yellow skin. And the color hiding power is also very good, the color of the lip color itself will not affect it too much.


Light water bright lip glaze


We have recommended this well-known inner drama series lip glaze several times before, such as: non-fat smile, three-point lingering, standard jumping and other color numbers, and now I often wear it in my makeup bag.
To tell the truth, the color numbers of this series are too good at names! This #PinkSleepwalk is a new color for daytime sleepwalking. I loved it at first sight. The apricot tea pink color is not aggressive, coupled with a very transparent gloss, it has the taste of summer!


I would recommend thick coating or layer coating for this one, because if it is thinly coated, in addition to making the mouth look watery, the color may be lonely.
The texture is a bit like lip gloss, but it's not that sticky. After applying it, a softer film will be formed after a while, with a pretty mirror-like feeling.
But I think the point of using it is to reapply, because the lasting strength is very general, it is easier to move, and it can be superimposed in small amounts and multiple times, and thick coats will not make the lips feel dull.
This one does not pick the skin tone, but it is easily affected by the color of the lip color itself.
If your lip color itself is relatively dark, it may become a transparent lip gloss with it, just use it to layer some matte lipstick, which is also a good choice.

Post time: Jun-22-2021