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How to choose the right false eyelashes for your eye shape?

Lots of people are confused about how to know their own eye shapes and how to choose the right false eyelashes. Below are the detailed introduction and suggestions for your reference. Kalocils Beauty always offers the best false lashes for you.


Almond Eyes: This eye shape is characterized by an upswept outer corner. Many women with this eye shape want to increase the depth and intensity of their eyes, so experiment with eyeliner as a bold sweep on the upper lid, neutral colors lining under the eye, and upper and lower liner in various shades. To help almond eyes appear larger, limit liner to the outer portion of the top lid. To make almond eyes appear more round, stop liner before the outer corner of the eye, or use a lighter shade or smoky or smudged look in that area.

Kalocils 3D Series False Lashes: ELLEN style


Close Set Eyes: Close-set eyes are going to be closer to the bridge of the nose and closer to one another. You can have close-set eyes that are any of the shapes that we have already discussed or they can be a combination of shapes that are close-set. People that have close-set eyes are often seen as people that are cunning and smart and close-set eyes are a very striking feature.

Kalocils 3D Series False Lashes: DEMI Style


Deep Set Eyes: Deep-set eyes tend to be large and set deeper into the socket than most. They are situated in such a way that makes the brow bone appear more prominent and the ends of the natural lash tend to graze the top of the eyelids. Deep set eyes may need accentuating so choosing a lash that is longer in the middle, curling up and out, away from the brow. Individual lashes also work really well for this eye shape as you can concentrate on the center, applying more there for a curly lift.

Kalocils 25mm False Lashes: AVIVA Style


Downturned Eyes: Downturned eyes are often heavier at the outer corners and the outer corners droop or turn down while the inner corners turn up. The downturned eye shape is very sensual and does appear heavy and sultry. This is also referred to as bedroom eyes and it is a truly stunning eye shape. Downturned eyes are often large and lend themselves well to heavier makeup application.

Kalocils 25mm False Lashes: HELENA Style


Hooded Eyes: If you have hooded eyes, you will notice a fold lower over the eyelid, so when the eye is open, the eyelid isn't visible and retracts into the crease. The ideal lash for this shape, like deep-set eyes, should be long and have more length towards the center. Cluster lashes or individuals may work better as you can build up yourself to create the desired look. Don’t be afraid of the strip lash, just be wary not to choose a set that could pull down the lid, making them appear smaller.

Kalocils 25mm False Lashes: ALLISON Style


Mono-lid Eyes: Mono-lidded eyes are described as flat on the surface and lack in a definite crease, sometimes not having one at all. Monolid eyes tend to have eyelashes that are naturally straight and stubborn, so when it comes to picking the best lashes, it is best to concentrate on a multi-layered, fluttery lash as it will do wonders in drawing subtle yet sexy attention to this pair of beauties.

Kalocils 25mm False Lashes: ZOEY Style


Prominent/Protruding Eyes: A lash style with a natural, varying short to medium lash lengths will provide just the right flare yet bring attention to your eyes. For prominent or convex eye shapes, makeup can help reduce the appearance if bulging, or bugging out. To make the eye appear as if it is receding a bit more into the face, use a dark shade of eye shadow near the lash line and base of the lid. Use a slightly lighter shade for the crease, and blend outward towards the brow bone.

Kalocils 3D Mink Lashes: DONNA Style


Round Eyes: This eye shape is often large, and open-looking and many women like to use makeup to elongate the eye. Use darker liner to slightly extend beyond the eyelid at the outer corners to give this illusion. Use a medium shade of eye shadow on the eyelid (up to the crease) and extend the shade slightly both slightly up toward the brow bone and slightly down toward the lower lid to create a more elongated eye appearance.

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Post time: Dec-23-2020