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How to customize your private logo, professional customization process saves your time and effort.

How to customize your private logo, professional customization process saves your time and effort.

1, Send the logo file
For logo customization, please send the logo source files in AI or PDF format. A clear logo file can help us better present the printing effect of the logo when printing. The image format will become blurred after enlarged, so we do not recommend sending the logo file in image format. If there is no source file, our designer can also help customers to make the image format logo into AI or PDF source files with Adobe Illustrator software, but this will take extra time.

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2, Communicate the location and printing method of the logo
Our sales team will promptly communicate with customers where the logo should be placed, explain to the customer in details and also need to confirm with the customer the color, size and printing method of the logo. For ready stock products, we currently support 3D UV printing, and for customized products, we support silk screen printing, 3D UV printing, hot stamping, etc.

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3, Confirm the rendering
An effect drawing will be made to confirm with the customer about the specific requirement, if any changes, the customer can also adjust the logo according to the effect shown again.

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4, Confirmation of physical samples before production
Before mass production, we will arrange to make a physical sample according to the customer’s requirements within 3-4 working days, and take pictures of the physical sample to the customer to confirm the actual effect again.

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5, Start mass production finally
After everything is confirmed, we will arrange to start mass production according to the effect of the confirmed samples. The specific cycle of mass production is determined according to the quantity of the bulk. Under normal circumstances, the production cycle of ready stock false lashes is within 7-10 working days, and the production cycle of customized lashes is within 15-25 working days. If the customer’s order is urgent, depending on the situation, priority arrangements can also be considered.

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Post time: Dec-09-2020