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How To Make Up In Summer That Is Not Greasy And Does Not Take Off!

Since the beginning of summer, the biggest headache for fairies like me who never stop pursuing beauty is taking off their makeup in summer, especially when the makeup is hot and the makeup melts away. After half an hour of serious makeup, it turns into a big painted face. It’s really true. Crying loudly!

In view of the fact that this problem is common and occurs to girls of all skin types, today we specially invited expert celebrity makeup artist teachers to steal the secrets of summer long lasting makeup!


First of all, let's clarify a few basic questions:

Why do you take off your makeup?

There are three reasons that cause us to take off our makeup: sweating, sebum, and skin dehydration.

Sweating is something we can’t avoid in summer. Many little sisters also said that in order to make their makeup last longer, they also choose to use makeup products, such as loose powder, powder, and makeup spray, but they should take off the makeup or take it off. The problem lies in Where is it?

There are thousands of ways to fix makeup on the Internet, but you must figure out what type of skin you are, and then choose a suitable makeup setting product and method, otherwise the dry skin will only become dry and dry, and the oily skin will take off the makeup faster!

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For example, dry skin is not suitable for the sandwich setting method, just use loose powder locally in the t zone; for oily skin, don't use a layer of loose powder setting spray to set the makeup, but the makeup face will be more floating powder mask!

Exquisite skin care before makeup

The best state of the skin is that it is neutral and not oily, but this type of skin type can be said to be difficult to develop by day after day. We basically have dry skin, oily skin or mixed skin.

A large part of the barrier to moisture absorption in the skin in summer is because the stratum corneum is too thick, so I used to wipe the skin gently with a cotton pad soaked in toner after cleansing, and take it over the neck and behind the ears. There are two reasons for this. The first is to take away the dust and dirt on the face, and the second is to calm the skin and make it better absorbed by subsequent skin care.


After this, continue with the second toner application, and the double-layer moisturizing effect will be better. It is important to know that every degree of temperature increase in summer will increase the amount of oil on the face by 20%. Only when sufficient water is added can the balance of water and oil not become excessively imbalanced.
Because you will have to apply sunscreen and base makeup in the follow-up, you must choose refreshing and moisturizing styles for the essence and cream products during the day. A little oil control effect is the best, otherwise too greasy will affect the subsequent sunscreen film formation on the face. The base makeup is not easy to stick to the skin!

1. Choose The Right Makeup Products

As mentioned above, the suitable setting methods and products for different skin types are different, and they are basically divided into two types: dry skin and oily skin. The setting products on the market include loose powder, powder cake, setting spray, etc...

Loose powder and honey powder cake only appear in different forms. One is powdered for household use, and the other is pressed into a cake for taking out. In fact, the main ingredients of powder are also silica, talcum powder, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc. Yes, they absorb excess oil on the face.


The English name of the powder is powder foundation, which is a powder foundation product. You can use it as a foundation makeup and you don't need to use powder products to set makeup afterwards!
There are many ways to set makeup spray. No matter how many essence ingredients are added in the advertisement, the main body is a film former. The film former forms a protective film on your face. It will not change the makeup on your face On the gloss.
The advantage of the setting spray is that it can weaken the powdery feeling of the makeup face and make it more natural. The disadvantage is that no matter how many oil control ingredients are added, the actual effect is not as good as the effect of loose powder powder cake oil control and setting makeup!
The makeup setting spray is also more versatile, like it can be mixed in the foundation to make the foundation lasting and shiny, and the makeup setting spray can be used after the baking method to weaken the powdery feeling. But y1s1 oily skin is not suitable for setting spray alone, it will be more oily and more suitable for dry skin.

2. How To Set Makeup For Different Skin Types

Generally speaking, dry skin does not produce much oil on the cheeks, and it is easier for the T zone and cheeks to release oil and remove makeup. Teacher Jianxing recommends using a fluffy loose powder brush for partial makeup, then don't blink and pay attention to the technique!

Dip a small amount of loose powder and gently press it on the T zone, nose, chin, and outer contour edge.

Because the amount of oil produced by dry skin is relatively small at the moment, so just swipe the remaining loose powder on the brush. Comparing the left and right faces, it is super obvious that you can see that the left face is the makeup effect of the microdermabrasion, absolutely!

For oily skin, it is recommended to use loose powder + makeup setting spray to control oil + maintain makeup without fail. Teacher Jianxing also has something to say about how to use makeup spray.

The well-known T and X spray methods are actually not suitable for makeup setting sprays. Unlike the Avène spray we use, which is a gas tank, the spray force has a relatively strong range. Jianxing recommends using a three-point setting for makeup.


3.Correct Makeup To Extend Standby Time

Even if we have already spent the most time on the makeup and base makeup, there is no way to take off the makeup relentlessly at high temperature. Make-up replenishment has become a necessary option to extend our standby time.
We have also collected a lot of questions from sisters. Basically, the more you touch up the makeup, the heavier the makeup will be. The makeup after the makeup will get oily and take off the makeup faster. So what's the problem?
The first step of applying makeup outside is to absorb the excess oil on the face before applying makeup. How many people did not do this step, please raise your hand, otherwise it is natural for the powder to clump directly on the greasy face, and it will take a long time. The makeup will be very scary piece by piece!
But to be honest, it’s really troublesome to bring oil-absorbent tissue when going out. The teacher taught me a trick to touch up makeup outside.

First take out a piece of paper towel and unfold it, fold it diagonally and diagonally to replace the absorbent paper, and then press to absorb the oil. At the angle shown in the following figure, press on the cheeks, nose, and T zone to take away excess oil.
Press to fix the forehead and chin, press the fingers on the face, and turn the other side of the face over and use the tissue on the other side.
The hardest hit area when you take off your makeup when you take off your nose, in addition to the wing joints, the nose is also the part of the nose that accumulates oily shine. Don't forget!
After absorbing the oil, it was natural to put on the powder, and Mr. Jianxing also gave him an exclusive touch-up technique. If you directly use the powder puff to touch up makeup, the amount of powder will be relatively too much, which can easily cause the makeup to feel too heavy, and it is a disaster under social distancing!
Roll up the powder puff in a rolling manner and gently brush it over the most severe part of the makeup, so that the makeup will be more precise and not too much powder!
For the cheeks, just flick the remaining powder after the touch-up on the front, so that the touch-up will not be heavy, light, and more natural!


Post time: Jul-14-2021