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Save Money And Worry! How To Configure The Most Suitable Capsule Cosmetic Bag?

What is a "capsule cosmetic bag"?

It's similar to the "capsule wardrobe" that everyone often calls. Although there are not too many items in this cosmetic bag, it contains the "basic items" necessary for daily makeup.
And the products here are mostly versatile and practical products, the color matching is not too exaggerated, no matter how it is matched, it is not easy to "step on thunder".
A streamlined "capsule cosmetic bag" can not only omit the process of choosing products during makeup, greatly improve the efficiency of makeup, but also make our thinking before makeup clearer.
Of course, it will save you money if you don't choose products with duplicate or unnecessary functions!


A complete cosmetic bag will contain foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, blush and contouring, these 8 categories of products are included.
Therefore, I recommend a few easy-to-use products for each category of products. You only need to choose the one that suits you in each category.


Base makeup

Keywords: natural, clear, and expressive comprehensive makeup effect

Selection method: The base makeup products in this part are more malleable, and you don’t need any special makeup techniques. You only need to choose according to your skin type.

ps. If there is no product that suits you, you can also look for products of other brands based on the "keywords".


Liquid Foundation

Keywords: Concealing power and moisture coexistence, suitable for blemish skin


In fact, if you want to create a clean and flawless makeup effect on imperfect skin, you don't necessarily need particularly cumbersome steps-choosing a liquid foundation with strong concealing power and extensibility is a particularly efficient method.
After evenly spreading this liquid foundation, it has a more natural "creamy skin" effect. Although the official said it is more dry and mixed with dry skin, it is not easy to take off makeup after oily skin is set.
For general uneven skin tone, dark circles, acne marks and other small blemishes, this foundation can easily cover up.


eyebrow pencil


The color of this eyebrow pencil is moderately gray, and the refill is thin enough to easily draw a pair of natural and vivid "wild eyebrows".
Compared with their old version of the pointed eyebrow pencil, this new version of the "Machete Eyebrow Pencil" will be more flexible in operation.
Moreover, the refill of this eyebrow pencil is moderate in hardness, which is especially suitable for using the tip of the pen to draw a "rooted" effect. Xiaobai will not have any pressure to use!


Eyelash primer & mascara

Keywords: clean, light
Selection method: The primer that likes naked makeup is enough; if you want longer and more visible eyelashes, you can use the two together; donors who don't like to remove waterproof mascara directly choose mascara.


Its paste contains many fibers that can lengthen eyelashes. Even the darkest black, the color has a certain gray scale, and the effect of painting is like a natural "eyelash essence".
Compared with regular mascara, the effect of this product is more natural, and it is not easy to faint in the follow-up. It is especially recommended for the little fairies who are easy to "hands" when brushing their eyelashes!



Keywords: fine refill, smooth lines
Selection method: The lines drawn by the liquid eyeliner pen are sharper and more delicate, and the gel eyeliner pen is more suitable for sisters who like light makeup.


Although its price is considered cheap among cheap products, it is comparable to expensive products in terms of color rendering, smoothness of water and fineness of the nib.
Both black and brown are suitable shades for daily makeup. And the brown color of this one is relatively light, so even the "handicapped party" can easily control it~


Eyeshadow palette

Keywords: earth color, moderate color rendering
Selection method: In addition to painting eyeshadow, the multi-color palette can also be used for contouring. The following 35-color palette has a richer selection of colors and is cheaper.


If I can only leave a set of eyeshadows on the dressing table, then my choice will definitely be the most basic and at the same time the most versatile "earth color".
This "little brown book" not only contains a few matte browns that can accentuate the sense of outline, but also has obvious shades of gray and off-white for brightening.
The lightness and saturation of the trimming color below are in the middle position, and it is also special when used as a blush~
And it also contains a light golden brown with a "pearl burst" texture, which looks very smart after embellishing the eyes, and you can paint a beautiful eye makeup with clear layers and bright spots.


Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Keywords: versatile colors, smooth texture and easy to smear
Selection method: The creamy lipstick is slightly moisturizing, and the fairies who like soft mist can choose lip mud.


It’s not unreasonable that this lipstick can be popular for so long-because this color is really natural and temperament~
At first glance, its color is warm and nude, but after putting it on the mouth, it will not be as difficult to control as the ordinary "eating soil color". On the contrary, it can naturally enhance the bloody feeling of the lips.
The creamy cream has a certain covering power behind the mouth, and there is no need for additional primer for deep lip coating~

The characteristic is that the texture is particularly smooth, which not only retains the matte and frosted soft and misty makeup effect of the lip mud itself, but also avoids the dry feeling caused by dryness.



Keywords: moderate color rendering, not too high color saturation


This blush has a delicate gloss and is versatile and not picky. It is the new color number in their monochromatic blush. The pink peach color looks very sweet and atmosphere, and it is also the same as the general earth color eye makeup. Very good match.
In addition to this single-color blush, many big-name single-color blushes are also highly recommended.



Keywords: light color, including different tones


Although the steps for trimming and highlighting are simple, the difference between using and unused is really much worse!
It is very convenient to use this "high-gloss trimming all-in-one disc", and it directly omits the step of "assembling a disc" in a single color.
But the overall color of this plate is relatively light, and the contrast between light and dark is not very strong. If you have a darker skin tone, you can also look for other plates according to the idea of this product.

Post time: Aug-10-2021