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OEM Private Label Water Activated Liquid Stamp Eyelash Eyeliner Glue

Short Description:

1, Water activated lash glue pen
2, Customize private logo
3, Waterproof, long lasting and easy apply
4, No need glue and no need magnets

  • FOB Price: Please send us details for accurate price
  • MOQ: 100 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Pieces/Month
  • Logo: Customized private logo available
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    [ BETTER THAN MAGNETIC EYELINER ] Many of our testers were first-time eyelash users. They tried both our magic liner as well as the best magnetic eyeliners on the market. Many of them love the magic liner so much more, and they find themselves wearing them so much more often compared to magnetic eyeliners!

    [ NO MAGNETIC EYELASHES NEEDED ] The magic liner works by bonding with your falsies' lash strip. This means you do not need to buy magnetic eyelashes to wear them with. They will bond with regular (non-magnetic) false lashes. To ensure compatibility, please wear with Eyelashes developed by Lash'd Up labeled as "compatible with Magic Liner".

    [ PRECISION PEN-TIP ] No more struggling with gooey glue or trying to position your glue-covered eyelash on your eyelid while avoiding getting glue on your natural lashes; with the pen delivery, you have more control over applying it on your eyelid. The result is much less of a mess.

    [ SUPER STRONG & FAST DRY ] Lash'd Up Magic Liner Extra Strong is made with a higher amount of lash bond than the original. They hold on to your false lashes with more staying power. They also dry quicker, perfect for those rushed mornings.

    [ EASIER REMOVAL + EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR FALSIES ] Regular glue leaves a large amount of clumpy residue on your natural eyelashes as well as your false lashes after wear, reducing the lifespan of your falsies and making for a more difficult makeup removing routine. Lash'd Up Magic Liner dries cleaner, leaving less residue on your falsies. They also are as easy to remove from your eyelids as is removing eyeliner. 


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