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Wholesale Customized Private Label Boxes 3D Lashes 100% Real Mink Eyelashes Vendors

Short Description:

1, AILSA style 18mm mink fur lashes
2, Soft, fluffy, natural 3d eyelashes
3, Customized private label available
4, 100% handmade high quality ultra-light mink hair

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  • MOQ: 100 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Pieces/Month
  • Logo: Customized private logo available
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    Custom design private logo
    Wholesale competitive price
    Rich eyelashes manufacturing experience


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    100% real mink cruelty free




    100% handmade


    Customized private logo


    100 pairs


    200000 pairs monthly


    SGS, CE, ISO9001


    Our false eyelashes are all handmade, made of ultra-light mink hair, which is as soft and fluffy as your natural eyelashes. The hand-made false eyelashes can be reused and carefully treated. Using simulated eyelash technology, eyelashes can be as natural and soft as real eyelashes, allowing you to always stand out.

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    A variety of hot-selling styles are available, and it also supports customizing the styles required by customers. Customers only need to provide us with specific requirements and parameters or physical samples.

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    Selected false eyelashes raw materials, after years of experience accumulation, we already have high-quality, efficient raw material suppliers, long-term provide us with good raw materials.

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    100% handmade. Compared with machine production, handmade production can ensure that the false eyelashes will not be messy, and we apply glue by hand to better ensure that the eyelashes will not fall off.

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    Variety of false eyelash packaging can be customized. For logo customization, the ready stock packaging supports 3d UV printing. The customized box supports UV printing and hot stamping printing.

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    Delivery On Time
    For ready stock lashes, the delivery time is within 48 hours, for customized lashes, the delivery time is within 7-25 days.

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    24 Hours Online
    Client’s inquiry will be taken care at the first time. For urgent inquiry, please talk with us via phone call or direct message.

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    Quality Guarantee
    For any quality problems or damaged via transportation, you can ask for refund or resent goods within 3 working days.

    Why wearing false lashes ?

    False eyelashes can make the eyes look bigger and more attractive, and the degree of curling can also match the eyelashes, which will look more attractive.


    False eyelashes existed in ancient Egypt and Rome. Eyelashes were once considered to be the most attractive symbol. Later, after the birth of false eyelashes, more people also pursued eyelashes. In 1916, a film director used real hair to make false eyelashes for the needs of film and television production. Later, a British model set off a trend of wearing false eyelashes, and more people knew about the existence of false eyelashes.


    In the later stage of false eyelashes, there are more types, different shapes and colors, and different occasions. But no matter what kind of false eyelashes, they can make the eyes "talk" after they are applied, and the charming eyes are enough to intrigue. Later, many people were not satisfied with putting on false eyelashes and wished to let them grow on their faces permanently, and the technique of eyelash extension was born.


    In general, the first false eyelashes were just to show the charm of women, but now the false eyelashes pay more attention to practicality, more suitable for people's eye shape, but also can make the eyes look big and charming.

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