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Wholesale Glitter Custom Private Label Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

Short Description:

1, Waterproof and stain-proof adhesive eyeliner for false eyelashes
2, No need glue for lashes
3, Save the time of apply false lashes
4, Smooth write and custom private label

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  • MOQ: 100 Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Pieces/Month
  • Logo: Customized private logo available
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    Custom private logo Waterproof & long lasting


    Waterproof and stain-proof

    Our magic lining is durable, stain-proof and waterproof. You can use it instead of magnetic eyeliner and eyelash glue.


    Save the time of apply false lashes

    Save 2/3 times than traditional false eyelashes


    Easy to use

    The magic sticky eyeliner has a strong paste, just apply it like a normal eyeliner, wait for it to dry, and then apply the eyelashes for easy wearing. No magnetism, no glue needed! Offers the right length and width, the eyelashes look soft and beautiful, vivid and shiny.


    No need glue anymore

    Similar to magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes, but it is long-lasting and has no magnets. If you find that magnetic eyelashes are heavy and not easy to fall off, just try it.

    f (2)

    Intelligent application

    0.01mm fine nib, thin and easy to draw, very thin nib, one stroke, let you easily control.

    f (3)

    Warm water self-dumping

    Long-lasting natural makeup formula, waterproof, sweat-proof and oil-proof, not easy to remove makeup, quick-drying and not blooming.


    Shake adhesive eyeliner

    Shake the eyeliner well before use, and remember to close the eyeliner cap after use.


    The eyeliner uses a novel formulation and a new film-forming composition material with tackiness. Eyelashes and eyeliners contain mild skin-friendly ingredients and are 100% safe. 

    STEP 1 : Waterproof & sweat proof test

    img (1)

    —— Before testing ——

    img (2)

    —— After testing ——

    Paint the eyeliner on your hands, pour the water in turn, and beat it with sweat. Our Eyeliner has been tested successfully waterproof and sweat proof.

    STEP 2 : Easy to remove test

    fsdf (2)

    —— Before testing ——

    fsdf (1)

    —— After testing ——

    Wipe with makeup remover, wipe with cotton pad, easy to remove makeup Easy makeup removal test successful.

    STEP 3 : Color fading test

    rf (1)

    —— Before testing ——

    rf (2)

    —— After testing ——

    After drawing the eyeliner for many times, the fine eyeliner is not faint. Color breaking and fading resistance test successful.

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